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Do you need great pictures for your website and social media?

Do you need pictures that tell your personal or business true story? Do you need pictures that make you feel good about yourself?

If the answer is yes, you are in the right place 🙂

I specialise in headshots and personal branding photography. I do small mini headshot sessions and can organise a branding photo session for you from start to finish.

Many years of experience in commercial photography and a degree in anthropology of culture has given me a unique set of skills. I can deliver the photo session that you need.

What you receive:

  • my expertise.

  • a set of great pictures to use online and in print.

  • a guide on how to get ready for your photo session (how to dress and do your makeup).

  • you will be guided through the whole process and I will ensure you feel comfortable about each phase of this process.

  • you will be shown how to pose according to your style and personality, so you will look natural and confident.

And remember, everyone is photogenic. I know you might hate being in front of the camera and feel a bit uneasy – so do I. Nearly every person feels similar.

But you also know how important pictures are for your personal brand nowadays. You know how crucial it is to create the right first impression.

And it feels really great when you finally do have that wonderful set of good quality images to put on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and website.

I will hold your hand through the whole process. You will be amazed how little time it will take to get the pictures.

There are two offers:


Usually I run a mini headshots shoot once a month

It is a 40 minute photo session and you will get two great, high resolution digital images for you to use online and in print.

After booking you will receive a questionnaire which will enable me to find out more about your business. You will also receive an email with advice on clothing and makeup.

After the shoot you will be given access to the gallery of unedited images where you can choice your favourites for retouching.

The cost is 200zł for two digital images.


Please get in touch. Based on your requirements I will create a personalised offer for you.

Ready to invest in yourself?