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Hi there, I'm Olga.


I am a portrait photographer, mum and anthropologist of culture.

Each profession has enabled me to develop unique skills. Thanks to them, I can deliver something extraordinary for you.


Life as a parent can be difficult. Bringing up children is an extremely responsible job and one of the toughest. There are many ups and downs. This cannot be given up; even if we are exhausted, we carry on… but there are beautiful moments as well.


As a parent, I understand what you are going through and what it means to bring up a child. I believe the photoshoot can be fan for you and your children. You can relax, enjoy the moment and then receive beautiful family photos that will stay with your family for generations.


As a photographer with tons of experience in portrait photography, maternity photography, family photography, newborn photography, children photography, and personal branding photography, I can deliver to you unforgettable family pictures that have a modern and fresh feel.


Finally, I studied Anthropologist of culture and received a Master’s Degree. My knowledge helps me to understand your needs, your culture, and how to communicate your message across in the pictures.


You will be shown how to prepare, how to dress and pose in the pictures, so you will be proud of the final result. It gives a natural and timeless touch to the family photos. And, it is absolutely necessary for headshots and personal brand photos.

If there is something that you would like to discover or talk about your photoshoot…